Free Gift for WooCommerce

Тип проекта: Плагин WordPress

Год: 2019

Цена: бесплатно


This plugin for WooСommerce allows specifying exist products as free gifts for all customers which will be added to the cart automatically.


  • Appointment of one or more gifts.
  • Give the gifts only to authorized users.
  • Show ‘Free Gift’ labels for the gifts in the cart.

Tested on Storefront theme.


How to set the free gift(s)?

– Open WooCommerce – Settings – Free Gift (tab) in WordPress admin panel.
– Specify the product IDs to be the gifts, separated a coma, and appropriate gifts quantity.
For example, if you set the ‘Product IDs’ field as 45,112,62 and the ‘Quantity’ field as 3,2,1 you will present to your customer 3 products with IDs 45,112,62.
– The first gift (product) will have the quantity 3 pcs., the second – 2 pcs., and the last one – 1 pcs.
Setup other conditions (show only for authorized users, show labels in cart) if you need them.

How to hide gifts from catalog?

– Select the product that you want to be a gift.
– In the section ‘Publish’ (to the right of the title) click the ‘Edit’ link next to ‘Catalog visibility’ and chose the ‘Hidden’ option.
Update the product.

How to know a product ID?

Read the article

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